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I suppose you could say that my career really started back in 1973 when I joined the first of the three hospital radio stations I was involved with. Sadly most of the hospitals concerned no longer exist, their sites now given over to housing and other redevelopment projects.

This was based at the Greenwich District Hospital in London SE10. The studio was in a dark corner of the hospital's vast underground car park and here patients were "entertained" amid the muffled rumble of car engines and exhaust fumes! The set-up was a bit odd for the time in that the Presenter didn't operate their own equipment. This arrangement meant that three people were needed to produce each programme. The Presenter sat in a small booth with the microphone whilst in the control room next door the other two cued-up the records and operated the mixer!

WHBS served the Brook, Royal Herbert and Memorial hospitals on Woolwich Common in south east London. Programmes here were self-operated and came from a well built studio at the Memorial Hospital on Shooters Hill, a building which is still there today. The station was run on a professional footing and many of the staff went on to obtain full time jobs in the radio industry. The main hospital for the area now is the Queen Elizabeth, also on Woolwich Common,  and WHBS continues to provide the radio service. Nowadays the station is called Meridian Radio and you can find out more about them by visiting their web site. Just click here

This station served St Nicholas Hospital in Plumstead, south east London, from a studio that opened on to a very busy ground floor corridor. This studio was pretty basic, but broadcast programming each weekday evening and at weekends. I have memories of the huge control console that took up most of the room and also, for some reason, the sink in the corner!

If you were involved in any of these stations, particularly during the 1970's, please feel free to get in touch. Perhaps you have some photos or recordings you would like to share. My e-mail address is cliff@cliffosbourne.co.uk