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About Me.

I really can't remember exactly when I decided that I wanted to play music on the radio other than it was a long time ago! I do recall some early efforts crouched around the family radiogram (a Decca model with valves so you had to wait a bit for it to warm up) with a handful of 45rpm records and a reel to reel tape recorder. Fortunately for all of us none of these first floundering steps survive!

Anyway, from small acorns I now look back over a career in the radio industry that has spanned some 40 years, a career that has seen me broadcasting in many different parts of the UK as everything from a humble Presenter, if there is such an animal, to being in charge of entire radio stations as Programme Controller. It has been a hugely enjoyable time with many happy memories and many former colleagues whom it was a pleasure to work alongside.

Cliff Osbourne is the name I've used during just part of my, not uneventful, career. Specifically during my early days on hospital radio in south east London, my involvement in the London land based 'pirate' radio scene in the 1970's, the 'ahead of its time' cable radio station in the London Borough of Greenwich and my stint on the north sea with the legendary Radio Caroline in the late 1970's and indeed more recently.

Currently you can hear me on Quasar - The Album Station. You can find out more about this by visiting the 'Quasar' section of this website or by simply clicking link below. 

In the meantime this site remains under construction and I will add to it as often as time permits. If you would like to get in touch please feel free to e-mail me. cliff@cliffosbourne.co.uk